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Cris Ippolite is the President and Founder of iSolutions, a California-based custom FileMaker app consultancy and a Claris authorized trainer.

As the world’s most popular and awarded FileMaker trainer, in 2021 Cris Ippolite was awarded the inaugural “FileMaker Excellence Award for Lifetime Achievement“. This award recognizes Cris’ 25 years of contributions in the FileMaker community in addition to his unparalleled achievements as a FileMaker trainer.

Cris has been partnering directly with Claris for years in various training efforts, including their Custom App Academy, internal staff training, Training Day at FileMaker DEVCON, training videos on Claris.com and Claris Youtube, their 42U initiative and the Low Code Accelerator program. When Claris needs training, they turn to one trainer: Cris Ippolite.

In 2014, Cris won his first “FileMaker Excellence Award” for his contributions as a trainer and evangelist for FileMaker Certification and then WON AGAIN in 2016. Then again in 2018, Cris won for an unprecedented third time for his work on LinkedIn Learning, FileMaker Custom App Academy and with his work with the 42U intern program. Then again in 2021!

Cris is a FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 Certified Developer, as well as one of the original Authorized FileMaker Professional Trainers and is one of 43 partner-level FileMaker Solution Alliance members in the world. He has been working with FileMaker for 23 years and is actively involved in all development projects for iSolution’s clients.

He is also a regular speaker at several technology conferences, including Flashforward, he is a top rated speaker at FileMaker Developer Conferences, and a conference speaker at MacWorld Expo. He has been a frequent guest on many FileMaker podcasts, and now is the co-host of “In the FileMaker Lab Podcast“.  He is also a speaker at many FMPUG meetings. From 2010-2013, Cris was the Chair of the entire FileMaker Training Series Track at FileMaker’s DEVCON and currently serves on the FileMaker DEVCON speaker committee. He was appointed to create curriculum, select fellow speakers and manage the content presented to allow attendees to prepare for the FileMaker Certification Exam.

Cris will speak once again at the upcoming FileMaker Developer Conference (DEVCON) for his 20th straight year as one of the featured trainers on FileMaker’s “Training Day”. Cris was a charter member of the FileMaker Professional Training Series Trainers and has taught each of the course offerings. He has presented dozens of on-site and public classes and is also the featured FileMaker (and Bento) author on lynda.com.

Cris’ teaching style is short on lecture and PowerPoint and heavy on class interaction, real world examples and in making difficult concepts easy to understand. He enjoys training and speaking, and his enthusiasm for both is infectious to all those in attendance.

My guys are still fired up from your visit. They’ve been cranking out solutions like crazy! You’re like catnip for nerds… (present nerd included)…”
– Charles Lee (CEO), Lee Medical, Inc.

As a FileMaker Authorized Trainer, iSolutions has undergone training directly from FileMaker, Inc. to deliver the FileMaker Training Series programs and has extensive knowledge of FileMaker best practices and solutions. The courses are highly customized to accelerate learning and increase individual productivity. FileMaker recognizes and recommends iSolutions as a qualified trainer.