Claris Connect

Digital transformation starts with flow. Escape from app chaos by bringing your everyday apps together to create automated workflows. Streamline your business. Supercharge your innovation.

Learn Claris Connect

Our instructor, Cris Ippolite was the trainer to get access to Claris Connect back in 2019. He spoke at the 2019 Visionary Keynote about his experience.


Cris also spoke on Claris Connect at the 2019 APAC DEVCON in Sydney Australia. You can find his course below. You can watch that presentation here. This course is one of the first made available. It is a half day classroom session that mirrors the Claris Connect course on LinkedIn Learning. Come see Claris Connect in person and learn all the fundamental aspects of creating your own flows and beginning your digital transformation.

Claris Connect Course Curriculum

Introduction:1Working Efficiently with Claris Connect
2Claris Connect Concepts
3What you need to get started
1. Working With Projects:1Create a Project
2Editing, Renaming and Deleting a Project
2. Working with Flows:1Creating a Flow
2Configure a Trigger
3Configure an Action
4Enabling or Disabling a Flow
5Testing a Flow
6Editing a Flow
7Viewing Flow history
8Flow Settings
9Flow Versions
3. Working with Steps:1Using Step Data
2If-Then Steps
3On-Error Steps
4Stop Steps
4. Apps and Utilities:1Using Utilities
2Scheduling Flows
3Creating an Approval
4Using variables
5. Using Webhooks1Creating a Webhook
2Using webhooks in a Flow
Conclusion:1Making the most of Claris Connect

Claris Connect Examples