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The FileMaker Training Series is for FileMaker developers, but anyone who creates or uses FileMaker databases can increase their knowledge from this series. It also serves as a stepping-stone to becoming a FileMaker Certified Developer.

** If you have never used FileMaker before, you will need to take “beginner” courses before attending this class. There are two FREE options for beginner classes that can be found here:

FileMaker Intermediate Training Dates
Los Angeles – November 5-8, 2019

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1. Introduction

Begin your journey of building solid business solutions by learning the steps of planning, creating and deploying successful solutions on the FileMaker Platform. This section gives you an introduction to the foundation and design phase when starting a new project and the key principles to consider for any project such as user experience, building for different devices, and performance.

2. Data

Gain practical skills required to define FileMaker Pro data tables and fields. Learn how to construct different types of data relationships, ensure data integrity, and implement multiple-table solutions. Cover important topics such as data types and options for auto-entry, validation, field storage and indexing. Plus, learn how to manage images and other objects in container fields.

3. Interface

Learn how to work efficiently and effectively with layouts, an essential skill for any developer. For solutions accessed by mobile, desktop, and web users, layouts can be tailored to take full advantage of the specific environment, providing for a great user experience. The lessons in this module explore different types of layout objects and the tools and methods for controlling them.


4. Solution Logic: Calculations

Learn how functions work in the calculation engine and how to apply them in various contexts. Study how custom functions are built and how to use them in database solutions. Lessons also include the set of functions that are especially useful when developing for the mobile user. And discover new functionality in FileMaker Pro for accessing metadata stored with container field data.

5. Solution Logic: Scripting

Explore the power of the scripting in FileMaker Pro, which allows you to create scripted routines that can then be triggered in a variety of ways. Learn about a number of scripting tools that make it easier to write and troubleshoot scripts, as well as best practices for writing scripts, and scripting for the mobile user. Learn how to build navigation and window controls, create custom menus, and study logical branching and looping routines.

6. Reporting

Practice creating reports in FileMaker Pro using a variety of techniques. Explore basic and advanced sub-summary reports and learn how to build a cross-tab report (with data-driven columns). And see how the ExecuteSQL function can be extremely useful for creating reports and charts with its ability to quickly find, sort and even aggregate data.

7. Security

Become familiar with the security controls in FileMaker Pro and their relevance to FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and Custom Web Publishing. Study the account-based security features of FileMaker Pro, and learn how to implement privilege sets, tie access to database solutions to external authentication servers, control both access and authoring rights to systems, and extend security controls with scripting. Learn how to encrypt FileMaker files and network communication and why doing this is important.

8. Deployment

Understand the various techniques for a deploying a FileMaker solution, with particular considerations for the new FileMaker WebDirect technology, as well as considerations specific to FileMaker Go. Get best practices for installing and configuring FileMaker Server, and learn how to trigger scripts from FileMaker Pro as well as operating system scripts from FileMaker Server.

9. Integration

Learn how to integrate FileMaker Pro with SQL systems, both through ODBC connections and with the External SQL Data Source capabilities. Discover how the integration of FileMaker with web services opens up a wealth of possibilities for your FileMaker solutions. Review configuration processes and learn to use other data systems in tandem with your FileMaker Pro databases.

Upcoming Class Dates:

Cris will be presenting as part of Training Day at FileMaker Developer Conference, 2019 (AUG)

*If you have a certain city in mind, please email with your request. Cities currently requested: San Diego, Orange County (CA), Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Florida, New York, Arizona, Seattle.

Please see Private Onsite Classes for information on classes held at your location.

 Los Angeles Training Class Details:

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Title: FileMaker Training Series: Los Angeles, CA
Level: Intermediate
Dates: Tuesday -Friday (9am-5pm)
Cost: See Description
Instructors: Cristoffer Ippolite
Telephone: 1-888-212-4620
Location: LINE Hotel, 3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010


We have a corporate rates at these nearby hotels:

Hotel Normandie
For Reservations: CALL (213) 388-8138 and ask for the “Company Corporate rate for iSolutions” ($159)* based on availability. Any Issues ask for Rosie. It is within walking distance of the class facility.


The Line Hotel
For Reservations: CALL 800-600-8435 and use promo code CATP – and book the entry level room or Click Here to book online.  Corporate rate is based on availability

Other Nearby Hotels

Look into in the adjacent neighborhood called “Hancock Park”. You can see those options here. *The closer you get to ‘Larchmont Village’ the better.

Public transportation: The WILSHIRE VERMONT METRO RAIL Station is one block away! METRA INFO


Choose the “FileMaker Training Series: Advanced for FM15” download option.

Your instructor will be Learning Author and Authorized FileMaker Trainer, Cris Ippolite.

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* Payment due upon registration

Contact us if you have questions on pricing or if you would like a detailed breakdown of all modules.

Happy Customer Testimonials

“Thank you so much – I was completely blown away by the class. There is so much capability and so much to learn, but you kept me very engaged throughout the four days.
– Andrew Paolini – BioGeneral

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and definitely got some value out of it. The relationship graph has always been my weakest part, and your exercises, training style and discussions greatly improved my understanding of the major concepts, and I think will improve my efficiency in recognizing and solving relationship challenges. I have already, and will continue to, evangelize you and your organization as the best FileMaker training in the country.”
– Ken Weeks – MacGraphic Specialties

“I really enjoyed the training last week. You are a very engaging instructor, and you opened my eyes to the power of Filemaker solutions. You explained the concepts in a very understandable manner with relevant examples. You have provided me with the tools and knowledge to take my FileMaker development to the next level. It was definitely worth the trip to Los Angeles from Toronto. I will recommend you to anyone looking for FileMaker Training or Consulting.”
Mike Cairns

My guys are still fired up from your visit. They’ve been cranking out solutions like crazy! You’re like catnip for nerds… (present nerd included)…”
– Charles Lee (CEO) – Lee Medical, Inc.

“A year after attending the week long FileMaker Pro series training, we had a solution that was working pretty well. We had, however, run into a few roadblocks, and problems that we couldn’t quite solve. We contacted Cris and he came to our site and did some training for us working on our database. The training was so worth the time and money. The opportunity to work on our database with the actual problems that we were facing was so much more beneficial then if we had worked on a training database. We walked away from the training feeling much more knowledgeable about FileMaker Pro and feeling very confident to go on to the next steps to make our databases effective.

We would recommend this type of training to anyone that is using FileMaker Pro to develop real time, web based databases. Cris is an excellent, knowledgeable instructor. He made this training fun and interesting. We will be contacting him again for his guidance and expertise.”
– Patty and Ralph – U.S. Geological Survey

” As a pretty basic level user of computers and databases, I was a bit skeptical when I found out the File Maker class I would be attending was to last five days. I was sure that had to be overkill. Boy was I wrong! I had underestimated what a useful tool File Maker is. Also, the delivery of the information was great. Cris keeps the class involved with excersises, questions and just the right amount of humor. I use a File Maker database to store and retrieve information about aircraft, and work in an environment that requires me to have that information quickly. FileMaker sure fits that bill. Thanks again, Cris for a great class. ”
– Greg Daugherty, Aircraft Maintenance Controller, United Airlines

“I just wanted you to know that we have Cris Ippolite at our site for on-site basic & technical training for FileMaker in Oct 2007. While we gave him a very difficult training scenario – large number of students, students w/o DB experience, etc – Cris did a fine job for us and we are looking forward to working with him again in the future – for either app development and/or additional training.”
-Edward Feater –

“I really enjoyed participating in your class. It was extremely beneficial. You are an excellent instructor. FileMarker Pro is an amazing database software program. It is the answer to our needs. I know that we will be able to create exactly what we are looking for. Thanks again!
– Sandy Miller Goldring, Hertz & Lichtenstein, LLP

“In December I attended the Cris’ classes “Master the essentials of FileMaker 9. Wow! I bought my first FileMaker license over 2 years ago. I am not a full time professional developer. I’m founder and CEO of my own 11 person consulting company. Because of the class and Cris’ teaching style, the text book and the sample files and solutions provided — I’m further along in finishing my solution in just a few weeks than I was during 2 years of floundering around in the wilderness. I may not be ready for DevCon yet, but I’m now ready to develop the solution my company needs.

Thanks, Cris.”

– Christopher W. Tipper, President Palatine Office – Hunter

“We’re delighted to hear about your success in working with FileMaker Pro and Cris Ippolite. You are most certainly working with one of the most distinguished FileMaker developers in the world.
-Kevin Mallon- FileMaker, Inc

“Cris, thanks again for a great week of classes. I had a pretty good time, got out of the office, and learned a few tricks along the way. Most importantly, I think a number of people in our work group have a much more positive feeling about FM and how they can improve their skills. I myself was inspired to come back and clean up this custom calc that I had played with over the past year or so.”
William E Keene, PhD, MPH – Senior Epidemiologist- Acute & Communicable Disease Prevention, Oregon Public Health Services

“Anyone could stand in front of a group and simply read the course lessons to us. But Cris did a great job of going off the material whenever he found it more beneficial for the group to tackle one of our real life issues/challenges.”
-Kevin Kleinhenz- Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

FileMaker says: “As a FileMaker Authorized Trainer, iSolutions Training has undergone training directly from FileMaker, Inc. to deliver the FileMaker Training Series programs and has extensive knowledge of FileMaker best practices and solutions. The courses are highly customized to accelerate learning and increase individual productivity. FileMaker recognizes and recommends Cris Ippolite as a qualified trainer.